LUX TEA & SETS- The Duke may be leaving Bridgerton – but we got mom covered with LaRue 1680 – GIFT GUIDES & MORE


The Duke of Hastings is leaving Bridgerton and while we (and the rest of the female population – including moms!) are totally devastated, we have the perfect gift to lift the spirits of fans everywhere this Mother’s Day. Give mom the gift of a Bridgerton inspired tea sets with La Rue 1680 and score big.

Created by Single Mom, Stephanie Synclair – La Rue 1680 has taken over as THE luxury tea brand. Just ask Carson Kressley or Drew Barrymore – they are huge fans who can’t get enough of the tea and gorgeous tea sets by La Rue 1680. 

La Rue 1680 is an online destination for organic, ethically sourced and traded, loose leaf tea & gorgeous tea sets and accessories. The classic, French-inspired tea company, was born out of the need for Americans to embrace a slower pace of life and reintroduce the simple pleasure of drinking tea. In October of 2020, La Rue 1680 was conceptualized and brought to fruition, and since has been skyrocketing. The biggest difference between La Rue 1680 and the competition? Unlike traditional bagged teas, that can contain chemicals like dioxin, epichlorohydrin or chlorine, that can become active when exposed to hot water, La Rue 1680 is certified organic and ethically sourced. Only using the best ingredients to invent new custom flavor blends that have never been done before, La Rue 1680 is blazing a path creating the new classics. 

Check out these NEW teas that are being released just in time for warmer weather and make the PERFECT base to spring and summer cocktails or mocktails (with fewer calories using tea instead of juice!) Perfect for every mom in your life.

  • Citrus Mango Punch –  The options are endless here. Perfect on its own with some ice or spiked with a bit of rum = relaxation in a cup. 
  • Peach Paradise – Amazing as a base for a Peach Bellini – this is THE drink for Mother’s day brunch. 
  • Spring Berry Punch – Featuring strong light summer berry flavors – you can taste the sunshine and find yourself using this in heavy rotation all summer long. 
  • Pina Colada –  with flavors straight out of the island – brewing a fresh batch over ice, taking that first sip can help you transport to an island in your mind. 

All of these exciting new flavors are available now on La Rue 1680 for $16 with an estimated ship date of April 26th.

Combine them with gorgeous tea pots, or a tea for one infuser to make the perfect gift for mom. You can shop accessories here.

Stephanie Synclair is the Founder and CEO of La Rue 1680. A bestselling author, radio show host, entrepreneur, and now Queen of Tea, Stephanie Synclair has never thought about playing small and always saying yes to their true desires in life. Her driving force has never strayed from the goal to empower women to step into their biggest selves. For over eight years, Stephanie Synclair built and ran an extremely successful consulting firm that worked specifically with female entrepreneurs to build a strong following excited about saying yes about themselves,  products and services. Stephanie has self-published three best selling Amazon books, which have all topped various best seller categories on Amazon including Self-Help, Marketing, Women in Business and Entrepreneurship. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Stephanie’s first thought was how can she give a tangible product to help people during this stressful time. Stephanie looked to her daily rituals, and the rituals she helped her coaching clients create. Immediately she knew that her custom blends of tea, that she had been making for the women she privately coached for years, was it. She was researching manufacturers the next day and as little as 4 months, La Rue1680 was born. With the help of pop culture’s obsession with The Crown and Bridgerton, La Rue 1680 became an instant success. Stephanie has been featured on Vogue, CNN, Today, The Drew Barrymore Show and more.