‘Man 2.0’ Authors Discuss Hormones, Losing Weight, and More in Exclusive Interview


In a book about engineering “the alpha,” author John Romaniello states the ‘alpha’ is not being the best man, but rather the best version of yourself.

With a foreword written by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, the book is sure to live up to its title. In an exclusive interview with our host, the authors explained how they tackle some common problems facing males like hormones, losing weight, and much more.

Co-author Bornstein explains how the book differs from other types of books like ‘Men 2.0’ since it goes over the problems that linger with losing weight, gaining muscle, improving a person’s sex life, and gaining energy.

Next, Alex goes into detail about how hormonal levels not only affect women but also affect men based on their various lifestyle choices. Then John explains the idea of men in their mid-20s and how they should practice protecting their testosterone than just gaining it.

Finally, he goes over how men should focus more on the intensity of their workouts as opposed to how long they are for those who are concerned with timing.

The book can be purchased here.