Meet SuperFat—A Company Empowering A Healthier Lifestyle One Cookie At a Time


Current events are driving people to pay more careful attention to what they eat. It’s about time that they did too—especially when there are more options today that offer nutritionally balanced, healthy benefits of hearty and whole ingredients.

One such company that deserves to be put in the spotlight is SuperFat. Their approach is two-pronged—relying on their love of healthy fats and whole ingredients with a better education.

“We believe in dispelling myths and optimizing nutrition based on science and results. Whether your diet is keto, paleo, vegan, plant-based, vegetarian, or a combination of them all – or whether you’re fasting or just need a convenient snack or meal replacement – there’s no denying that everyone needs fat in their diet,” explains David Hauser, CEO

To that end, SuperFat makes it a point to create snacks that are free of added sugar and artificial sweeteners as well as refined or processed carbohydrates. The brand focuses on offering products made with whole fats and whip up delicious options that will make you realize choosing to eat healthily never has to come at the expense of flavor.

SuperFat’s Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, and Snickerdoodle Keto cookie bites are best known for satisfying even the most discerning sweet tooths simply because it’s made using the highest quality ingredients that deliver high fat and low carbs.

“The full line is also keto, paleo, vegan certified, non-GMO and gluten-free,” 

The selection is pretty impressive too. If you’re worried that choosing to eat healthier limits your options, you only need to visit SuperFat’s website to discover their full range of snacks that will definitely empower you to make more conscious and nutritious eating decisions.

In addition to their keto cookies, SuperFat also offers a variety of nut butters and bundled sets that can get you started well on your way to eating and staying healthy.

And what better way to pick up a bundle of nut butters or Keto cookies than to give to your dad for Father’s Day which is just around the corner.

For more information on SuperFat, follow them on Instagram or visit their website.