Minutes to Memories: Recapture Your Memories with LivCore, a New Affordable External Storage Solution and App, That Works with Your iPhone


Inspired to create an affordable, innovative solution to organize and backup photos and videos stored across many devices, TimeArk has introduced LivCore, an external storage device and app that works with your iPhone to help you relive your precious memories.

Featuring an industry-leading machine learning algorithm, LivCore offers a simple way to back up your photos and videos and sort them into albums using the iOS app with your iPhone. You can name, edit, or update your albums anytime, and add a description to easily browse your content.

“LivCore is more than a photo-backup device, but a way to unlock and rediscover your memories,” said Tony Chang, product manager at TimeArk. “People take photos to remember the important milestones in their lives. As time goes by, these photos are scattered in different storage devices, including in the cloud, on laptops, smartphones, memory cards, pen drives, portable HDD/ SSD, etc. So, we developed LivCore, an intelligent personal portable storage solution, to help people collect, organize, share, and relive their life memories. We will be the first iPhone photo management accessory that uses PCIe SSD as storage, which comes with a machine-learning algorithm to help organize your content.”

Benefits and features of LivCore include:

  • Relive life’s moments — Backup your photos and videos using the LivCore device and app. More than just a photo-backup but a way to revive and review memories with an external storage enclosure that supports iOS.
  • Organize photos – A machine learning algorithm helps easily organize content into albums using the iOS app with your iPhone. Also, you can edit and update your albums anytime, or add or remove photos and videos from your albums.
  • UI enhancement – Offers calendar, map, and event views to help users easily identify where their photos are located.
  • Simple media consolidation – Users can simply consolidate all of their media, which are registered under an Apple ID, from multiple devices. 
  • Privacy – Unlike competing cloud storage services, LivCore allows users to keep original photo resolution without a monthly fee while still securing their privacy.
  • PC/ laptop access security control – PC/laptop access can be blocked in the app setting. Privacy is controlled by users, not by the cloud storage service providers.
  • Easy to set up and use — After initial setup and backup, users simply plug LivCore into an iPhone and power source. The photo backup and organization will be processed automatically and can be accessed anywhere a USB power source is available.
  • Affordable: The cost of PCIe SSD is more competitive than an SD card, especially in large capacity. LivCore is MSRP $79.99 but will be available for $59.99
  • Photo album sharing – Conveniently name your albums, and add a description to easily browse and share memories. 
  • Durable and adaptable — TimeArk will keep enhancing the LivCore app through periodic updates. The hardware product is expected to last at least 2-3 years.

TimeArk has launched its own Kickstarter campaign to spread awareness about LivCore among consumers and the investment community.