Monitor Your Skin Lesions at Home With New App Miiskin


The Skin Cancer Foundation regularly communicates the importance of skin self-examinations. That is why the new app “Miiskin” is a great tool to use to monitor your skin.

Dr. Andrew Weinstein sat with us to explain the importance of the app and how he uses it on a daily basis in his own practice.

Miiskin is a great tool to use to monitor any lesion on the skin; whether they’re pigmented or non-pigmented lesions.

It utilizes a simple piece of technology (that we all have) and allows individuals to photograph skin changes, themselves, at home. Miiskin has an automatic photo-taking element to it that makes this possible.

Dr. Weinstein goes on to explain that any tool that catches cancel early is an advantage to patients. Learn more about Miiskin and experience it for yourself on the App Store, as well as Google Play.