MOVE 2 SAFETY – Are you prepared?


Airing: Episode 482, Week of Saturday February 23, 2019

By Tiffany S. Carter

With violent acts against large groups on the rise, tragedies like the Newtown school shooting and the Boston marathon bombing are still fresh in our minds. So, what can we do to increase our chances for survival if we are ever caught in similar situations?

Move 2 Safety helps answer this question. It was created by two former Navy SEALS who experienced life threatening situations and wanted to use their knowledge to prepare everyday citizens for uncommon situations that could cause them harm or even death.

For those who participate in the Move 2 Safety trainings, hypothetical life threatening situations become a training ground in how you can realistically to save your own life if you are ever in an unthinkable situation like a shooting inside a movie theater, school, restaurant, or at your job.

In these scenarios, you only have seconds to respond quickly and smartly.

Move 2 Safety founders and former Navy SEALS, Matt Maasdam, and Rorke Denver, show us what you need to know and how to become your own first responder before the emergency teams arrive to your location.

For more information on Move 2 Safety or how you can reach them for a training day at your organization, log onto