Photo Credit: Wayne Pernell

Navigating the New “Not So Normal” with Dr. Pernell


As we navigate through what is supposed to be our “new normal,” we might find ourselves feeling lost — and look at things differently than we did before the quarantine. You might be asking, “If we’re being allowed back out, why am I feeling so anxious?” 

Guess what? You’re not who you were before the pandemic hit and that’s OK, says Dr. Wayne Pernell, breakthrough coach, relationship expert, international speaker, and Amazon bestselling author.

In fact, Dr. Pernell points out, we’re each going to be better versions of ourselves coming out of this and reemerging into society. Over the past 10 weeks, our identities have changed and many people have discovered what they truly value and the rest is just fluff. 

For those people not immediately feeling that way, Dr. P can outline some ways to cope and handle the stress that comes along with navigating feeling different including: 

  • Take time to redefine what you like, what you don’t like or value – it’s normal for this to have shifted during quarantine! We were given the gift of time.  Many have used that for self-reflection and what they found was quite surprising!
  • Recognize that you might like certain aspects of not going out – we felt oppressed and held back, but not going out also gave us some new perspective.
  • You create your new normal – YOU are back in charge now.  Manage your own schedule. Make sure you are eating, sleeping, exercising in a way that makes sense and fuels you.

Along with these ideas, also consider:

  • Where you are in your relationships 
  • Where you are in your career
  • Where you are in your health
  • Where you are in your finances
  • Where you are spiritually, as well

These are just a few examples of what Dr. Pernell can discuss navigating the anxiety of re-entering society. He is available for phone or video interviews by appointment. 

“Dr. P” is a member of the Forbes Business Council and has appeared on KTLA, KPIX, KRON, KCTV, KGET, KMIR, NPR and dozens of others as well as having been quoted in the New York Times, FastCompany, MSN Money, Forbes and published in Entrepreneur magazine to name a few. Go to for more on Dr. Pernell and his involvement with the press.