Navigating Through the New “Norm” This Summer


Summer is here yet we’re entering the next phase of social distancing due to coronavirus. so how do we ensure a fun safe and productive season? Lifestyle expert, Evette Rios, is here to help us navigate our new normal. 

A huge part of having a successful summer is finding creative ways to keep the kids busy.

Evette Rios shares, “I’m so grateful for HP’s Print Play and Learn. This is a totally free website where you can download all kinds of activities on stem experiments and I’ll kinds of coloring pages and crafts that you can do with kids I love it you can print it and do it I’m outside and it’s been just such a great resource for me I just print them up on my HP envy.”

Also, with talks of schools opening back up in the Fall, there is some new technology that can help parents feel safer about the school bus journey. 

Busses are a concern for schools and parents as our kids are going back under conditions of coronavirus. So there is a new technology called Bus Guardian.

It will allow schools to monitor whether there has been an ill child in contact with your child on the bus. It also allows schools to monitor the sanitation efforts on the bus. So if you don’t have it in your school district, reach out to your local district and ask them to include this system in their Bus programs.

And during these unsure times it’s more important than ever to keep our devices safe.

Cybercrime is also up, which is why Rios recommends Kaspersky Total Security. It’ll protect up to 10 devices, including payment protection tools, all kinds of password protection and password organizations. So it’s a great software when wanting to get a peace of mind when using your computer so much these days. 

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