Original ‘Shark’ Kevin Harrington Partners with SOS Hydration


SOS Hydration, the fast-growing hydration solution, partners with original Shark Tank judge Kevin Harrington to invest and advise on brand messaging, promotions, distribution, and growth initiatives.


With COVID-19 restrictions lifted in many areas and Americans able to enjoy a more familiar summer, the importance of staying hydrated has never been more important.  Data from NCEI’s annual temperature outlook suggest that 2021 is “96% likely to rank among the 10 warmest years on record.” SOS Hydration is the world’s fastest hydration; the perfect balance of electrolytes and minerals helping you to hydrate 3x faster than drinking water alone.  Harrington plans to help accelerate SOS Hydration’s triple-digit growth to homes around the country.    

As a veteran and former middle-distance runner, SOS Hydration CEO James Mayo understands the importance of proper hydration. “People don’t realize that if we are as little as 2% dehydrated it can contribute to low concentration, fatigue, headaches, poor sleep, poor performance, and illness,” Mayo says.  

SOS Hydration Performance Beverage

SOS Hydration is a high-performance beverage that is low in sugar, high in electrolytes and backed by proven research. SOS Hydration can help the athlete to the entrepreneur or mom who who wants to provide a tasty and healthy alternative to sugary drinks their kids consume.

The partnership between Kevin Harrington and SOS Hydration is a perfect match.  Harrington, who has successfully launched over 500 products, added. He plans to take his expertise in marketing and distribution to expand and grow SOS Hydration. 

Over the past year, SOS Hydration has expanded to CVS and Walmart nationwide, as well as regional Whole Food’s and Kroger’s. The company also is partnering on philanthropic endeavors with Global Empowerment Mission, Bethany Frankel’s BStrong Foundation and former NBA player and Olympian Charles Smith. “Everyone should pre-hydrate to start their day. Our solution has been scientifically proven to increase performance.” Mayo adds. SOS Hydration is sold online and at retailers nationwide.

About SOS Hydration

Founded by brothers and former national middle-distance runners, Tom and James Mayo (who is also a veteran) and Blanca Lizaola-Mayo M.D, a board-certified Internal medicine physician about to complete a fellowship in gastroenterology and transplant hepatology, SOS is a hydration drink that is based on proven sports and medical science to be as effective as an IV drip in combatting mild to moderate dehydration. The brand’s corporate mission is to drive the education of hydration though facts rather than marketing spin.  The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with an office in London, England. To learn more, visit www.SOSHydration.com.

About Kevin Harrington

As the inventor of the infomercial, founder of As Seen on TV, and one of the original Sharks on Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington has worked with some of the world’s biggest celebrities and launched some of the best-selling DRTV campaigns in history. Since producing his first 30-minute infomercial in 1984, Harrington has been involved in over 500 product launches that have resulted in over $5 billion in sales. Now, in his latest venture with AsSeenOnTV.pro, Harrington is on the hunt for the best new products and ideas, bringing them to homes everywhere through personalized DRTV campaigns featuring the Shark.