Our Natural Resource Heros, Boy Scouts of America


From dozens of environmentally focused merit badges and awards to participating in conservation focused service projects Scouts continue to be leaders in protecting our natural resources.

The Scouts goe all the way back to 1911 for the conservation merit badge. For kids, it’s a chance to really get out into the environment and learn so much while learning how to protect the environment. Everything from the “Leave No Trace” principle to the merit badges is focused on environmentally sensitive aspects and conservation.

As a former Boy Scout Scott Carty is encouraging others to do their part to protect the environment daily.

I try to pick up trash if I see it on the ground and if you can get a neighborhood group together to go pick up trash at a local park or in your neighborhood, that’s great.

Scott Carty | Former Boy Scout

If you don’t have recycling in your neighborhood maybe you can start your own neighborhood recycling group. To find more ideas on everyday things you can do to help the environment or learn more about Scouts visit scouting.org