Playing the bully — interview with Star of Hulu’s 4X Emmy Nominated Hit “Pen15” Sami Rappoport


We’ve all been through the awkward stage of life called our “teenage years,” so the uncomfortably relatable T.V. show “Pen15” appeals to a large crowd. The hit Hulu show is about 7th graders navigating their way through middle school in a comedic fashion. We were lucky enough to have our very own Elise Thuresson interview the show bully, Sami Rappoport.

Playing the role of Becca was something Sami never dreamed of. She originally wanted to be a singer and acting was not an option; however after landing an acting role, she learned to love the memorization needed for her part.

“I pulled a lot of experiences from my own life,” says Sami when talking about playing her role as the bully. “I love that it gives me a platform to speak out about anti-bullying because I think its such an important topic that isn’t talked about enough.”

The irony is that Sami was part of an anti-bullying club growing up, so the topic holds very close to her heart. This makes her role as the bully even more important as she is now able to continue these crucial conversations surrounding anti-bullying.

Sami’s talent does not stop at acting. Her passion for creativity travels from dance to music where she is self taught on the ukelele and also plays the piano. Furthermore, Sami’s interest in writing, song writing in particular, has been a longtime interest of hers ever since she was in middle school.

Her determination to pursue something more than acting might one day lead her into a career of screenwriting, Sami says. She mentions her hard working characteristic, which will aid her in a future of behind-screen work.

The release date of the next season of Pen15 is yet to be announced, but speculation says some time in the near future of 2021. In the meantime, watch our interview with Sami Rappoport now!