Popular Writing Podcast Helps Authors Thrive in a Crowded Field


Each year, there are tens of thousands of books published and even more purchased. According to the Association of American Publishers, there were over 1.8 billion print books sold by U.S. publishers in 2018. That doesn’t even include all of the electronic books that were sold.

Meanwhile, there are many authors who desire to write a book but are lost as to how to best go about breaking into the industry and publish. The answer may lie in what one is doing when not writing that can make a world of difference in publishing.

“It’s said that 97% of people who start writing a book never finish it,” explains Annalisa Parent, chief executive officer of ‘Date With the Muse.’ “You can’t publish a book until you finish it, so that’s the first important step. Beyond that, authors need to have the inside scoop on the publishing industry, so you have a better chance of getting a publishing contract.”

To help authors expedite success, Parent produces a writing podcast that gives writing tools and insider publishing information. ‘The Writing Gym Podcast,’ gives writers the mental workout needed to build up their skills and knowledge so they know what it takes to finish, publish, and sell their books.

The podcast, which is in its fourth season and just passed its hundredth episode, has become the go-to resource for quality information for writers and authors who want to be more successful. The podcast’s focus is on helping writers learn best practices in how to finish their book, publish a book traditionally, and build out their author platform. ‘The Writing Gym’ Podcast provides all the steps and information that authors need to succeed, but it does so in a fun and inspiring way.

Each weekly podcast features usable information, guidance, and interviews with top literary agents, bestselling authors, and publishers. It also features a weekly free downloadable to walk writers step-by-step to author success.

Some of the recent podcasts include:

  • The Secret to Finding Time to Write
  • What Literary Agents Really Think About Your Manuscript
  • How Deadlines Can Work Against Writers, Despite Best Intentions
  • The Connection Between Neuroscience and Writing
  • No Excuses: How to Finish & Publish Your Novel
  • Top Tips for Authors: How to Work with an Editor
  • How to Sell Your Books in Bookstores, Libraries, and Chain Stores
  • Mastering Fear with Brandon Webb
  • How to Traditionally Publish Your Novel with Terence A. Harkin
  • How to Expand Your Influence with Bob Burg

“It’s important to learn the industry so you can become successful,” added Parent. “My twice-weekly podcast offers what people need to know. Authors get a chance to learn from high-level professionals in the industry, hearing the latest and greatest straight from them. Every author should make listening to ‘The Writing Gym’ podcast a part of their routine each week. The information can literally make the difference in whether or not you succeed in this field.”

Parent’s podcast can be found on iTunes YouTube, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and by asking your Alexa device to “Play the Writing Gym Podcast.” 

The podcast can be accessed here or through iTunes.

Parent is a writing coach who has helped many writers through all aspects of writing, publishing and living the author lifestyle. She helps people with the book-writing process, organization, getting the book published, and building an author platform.

She offers writing and publishing tips, publishing workshops, and coaching. Her free e-book The Six Secrets to go from Struggling Writer to Published Author helps people be successful with their book writing and publishing goal.

Parent has coached hundreds of writers and has taught over 100 writing courses around the world. Her book Storytelling for Pantsers: How to Write and Revise Your Novel without an Outline, won the CIPA EVVY Silver Award in Best Business Books and earned a merit award in the Humor category. She speaks internationally on writing-related topics, and she has been a guest on a variety of television, radio, and podcast shows, sharing her secrets for how to write, publish, and sell your book. For more information about Annalisa Parent or her book, visit her site here.