Save Time in The Morning by Enjoying Coffee in the Shower


From the creators of the Sudski Shower Beer Holder and Sipski Shower Wine Holder, 30 Watt has launched a solution to take care of your pre-noon cravings. The Joeski Shower Coffee Holder allows coffee-lovers to enjoy their daily cup of joe while in the shower.

The Joeski Shower Coffee Holder has a grip as strong as your morning coffee. It can hold up to five pounds with its patented grip technology, without using risky suction cups or messy adhesives. The Joeski holds most mug shapes and sizes up to 20 ounces.

The coffee shower holder combines two of the most essential parts of every morning routine – coffee and a shower. The Joeski is ideal for the morning person who is always on the go and wants to streamline their mornings with efficiency. On the other hand, the Joeski is also perfect for those who may have hit the snooze button too many times and desperately need a caffeine boost to start the day.

If you are struggling to find gift ideas for Father’s Day that your dad doesn’t already have, the Joeski is the perfect gift for dads everywhere. It is available at, where you can see video demonstrations and images on the product pages. These amusing yet practical gifts won’t break the bank, with prices in the $15 range.  The Joeski was inspired by 30 Watt’s popular Sipski Wine Holder and Sudski Beer Holder.

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About 30 Watt

30 Watt’s CEO, Ryan Walther, began his career as an early partner at The Onion, during his college days in Wisconsin. He aided their rise to a household name, sowing his comical oats there for over 20 years.

It was there that he met Arik Nordby – the creative mastermind behind The Onion’s most popular product at the time (a prank gift box is affectionately known today as the Prank Pack). They co-founded 30 Watt on the basis of a simple idea: bring The Onion style of humor and content to the product world.

30 Watt develops, designs, and manufactures unconventional products that empower people to be clever. The company tells funny stories and solves unique problems through form and function.