Solving Complex Business Challenges – Alignorg Solutions


In the business world, every company has unique and complex challenges that can be difficult to navigate. Renowned author and leader and strategic organization design Reed Deshler and organizational growth specialist Ken Thompson head Alignorg Solutions.

Alignorg Solutions specializes in helping clients clarify a strategy that will optimize their organization’s design and systems to lead to transformational change. We caught up with Reed and Ken as they were wrapping up their 17th annual leaders conference in New York.

Helping provide motivation and inspiration is part of the mission at Alignorg Solutions. Ken Thompson brings years of business and military experience to the table and specializes in helping companies manage rapid or stagnate growth to improve overall success.

As we embark on a new decade, the experts at Alignorg Solutions say that companies need to be ready to meet the needs of consumers in a changing time. We’re going continue to see the consumer wielding their power, with their pocketbook, social influence through social media and other means.

We’re going to continue to see an evolution toward utilization of digital methods and technologies, people are going to expect things to be virtual and accessible right in the moment, and they’re gonna expect it to be safe and secure.

This is how Alignorg Solutions is helping some of the biggest companies in the world by providing them strategies and solutions to navigate through the challenges of the market trends in a changing world.