Starving for Support: Getting Help for an Eating Disorder With Lara Lyn Bell


You’re never alone in your fight, and we want you to know that. In trying times like these, we have seen the world come together to help combat disease and illnesses.

We want to join in on the effort by providing a new resource that might eventually save someone in need (if it’s one life saved, it’s worth the try).

To help combat the struggles of an eating disorder, By Their Side: a Resource for Caretakers and Loved Ones Facing an Eating Disorder and the accompanying workbook, Working By Their Side: A Guided Journal for Caretakers of Loved Ones Facing an Eating Disorder are new helping resources that you could buy for yourself if you’re looking for help for a loved one or yourself.

In the depths of illness, it can be difficult to believe recovery is possible. Overcoming an eating disorder is one of the hardest battles any of us can fightnot only for the afflicted person but also for the friends, family members, and loved ones suffering beside them, wondering how they can help. By Their Side understands. 

By Their Side: A Resource for Caretakers and Loved Ones Facing an Eating Disorder, Lara Lyn Bell

Eating Disorders have been on the rise throughout the United States. During this unprecedented time of “social distancing” and “quarantine measures” parents, caretakers and families of loved ones struggling with an eating disorder are even more scared and feeling alone.

These books are great hands on, “crisis management tools” to be used at home, in virtual therapy sessions and with families who are temporarily quarantined so they don’t have to feel so alone in their fight.