Steep Echo Tea Debuts “Home For The Holidays” Gift Box


Bel Lavoro, the Santa Barbara based olive orchard and home to Steep Echo Tea, has announced it’s first-ever “Home for the Holidays” tea collection and recipe gift box. This limited-edition holiday gift has been curated by Bel Lavoro owner, Kimberly Branum, and features three of Steep Echo Tea’s olive leaf tea blends, including: Ascent (perfect for the daily drinker), Hush (delicious digestive aid) and Repose (promotes rest and relaxation). Additionally, the “Home for the Holidays” gift box also includes three recipe cards beautifully designed and photographed by Santa-Barbara based photographer and author, Leela Cyd

Known for their immune boosting, all natural and antioxidant olive leaf teas, each individual box contains 12 individual, biodegradable tea bags. The holiday-inspired recipes found in the gift box were created either utilizing ingredients found in the tea (Hush) or that pair exquisitely with a perfect holiday dessert (Ascent/Repose).  With a price of just $45 and free shipping, the Steep Echo Tea “Home for the Holidays” gift box is the ideal holiday present that will not only calm the senses, but also help to feed the soul. The gift set can be purchased here:  

The recipes with photographs included in the “Home for the Holidays” gift box include: Ascent Tea + Spiced Apple Rye Cake Hush Tea Hot Toddy Repose Tea + Vanilla Bean Shortbread Buttons 

All Recipes found at:

“With all the chaos this year has brought, we wanted to create the perfect gift for anyone that might be on your holiday list,” notes Branum. “Our teas are all natural, organic, caffeine free and the ingredients from the included teas range from vanilla bean, cinnamon, chamomile, passion flower, rose petal, pomegranate and lemon myrtle. With the days getting shorter and cooler, we believe in the power of a hot cup of tea and we are excited to share both our teas and these recipe cards for the holidays.”

In addition to the “Home for the Holidays” gift boxes, individual boxes of Steep Echo Tea can be purchased for just $15 each. The collection of tea blends also includes Tend and Bloom.  

For more information about Bel Lavoro and their olive oil and olive leaf tree brands, visit: