Students give their all to steal the show at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts


The San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts boasts an exceptionally talented student body. Talent isn’t the only thing students must have to get into the school, they must also have drive.

Just like students in the movie “Fame” every student has a special gift to offer to the school. Students are talented in music, dance, and visual arts like painting.

Students must commit to their art and prove it is something they see themselves making a career out of. As the only performing arts magnet school, in California’s second largest school district- San Diego Unified, the competition is fierce.

The school requires students to take a full curriculum of demanding academic classes along with demanding arts classes.

There is a major time commitment that goes along with attending SCPA, but students believe that the sacrifice is worth the results.

Many alumni are accomplished in their arts and can accredit their success to the experience they received in school. Bethany Slomka, Mark Shaiman, Christian Hoff and Sara Ramirez are a few of the many SCPA graduates that have gone on to make a name for themselves in the creative industry.

The principal of SCPA explains that the qualities and demands of being in the arts are the kind of qualities that universities, colleges and employers look for. Schools look for people who are creative, imaginative, have a strong work ethic, are disciplined, can solve problems and collaborate. These are all things that students learn at SCPA.

For more information on the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts tune into this weeks episode of California Life with Heather Dawson or watch the clip below.