Take a Mindful Break From the Frantic Fall with Buddha Board


For most professionals and students everywhere it’s full Zoom ahead as summer vacations come to a close. 
If you’re looking for ways to help take charge of anxieties and ideas for mental health breaks, then the award-winning Buddha Board can help!

Recipient of a Mom’s Choice Award for best family-friendly media products and services, the Original Buddha Board offers screen-free support for adults and kids when it comes to teaching the art of mindfulness and letting go. 

Encouraging you to tap into your creative side, use the brush and water to “paint” through your thoughts, feelings, or fears and release the clutter that’s stealing your focus. When the water evaporates, you’re left with a clean slate and the opportunity to visually think and create again and again.

Buddha Board Highlights:

• Designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic

• Reusable

• Quick to set up

• Creating is truly MESS FREE

• No ink, paint, or chemicals

• Encourages mindfulness

• Doesn’t add to your digital footprint

• Taps into your creative side

• Fun for all ages over 3

• Helps everyone explore the creative process judgement free

• Perfect for relieving stress at home, in the office, or when traveling

• Available in three sizes: Original, Mini, and Enso

For those who are feeling stressed, unfocused, or unable to unwind, Buddha Board is a great solution to guide them on the path to mindfulness. And a creative way to have some screen-free fun!
$34.95 for the Original Buddha Board
Available at buddhaboard.com and Amazon.