Telluride Elevates Mountain Dining With Ski-Side Restaurant


This week on California Life, we spotlight the beautiful city of Telluride, Colorado.

Not only does the mountain town boast some of the most beautiful and sought-after ski slopes in the nation, but it also offers mountain-side dining with a view you won’t want to miss at the renowned Bon Vivant.

That’s why we talked with former Executive Director of Culinary Services, Jake Linzinmeir, to see the inspiration behind the culinary destination.

According to, Bon Vivant stands as Telluride’s premier on mountain dining venue with it’s breathtaking views of Palmyra and the Wilson Range. The menu, designed by “Telluride Top Chef” Jared Campbell, is a mixture of classical French country cuisine and his own contemporary creations.

The all-French wine list is not to be overlooked and the friendly and knowledgeable service staff actively work to enrich your experience. It is this combination of luxury and authenticity that create an ambiance which is second to none.

To learn more about Bon Vivant, watch the full segment below airing across the globe on California Life with Heather Dawson.