The History Behind Mammoth


Let’s head to the mountains to discover Mammoth, just east of the Sierra Nevada and a stone’s throw from Yosemite National Forest.

Although many think Mammoth Lakes got its name from the woolly mammoths found in the region, the truth is it was actually part of an early marketing scheme. When gold was found in the 1870s they named it mammoth mining company to give the impression of mammoth riches, though no abundance of gold or mammoths for that matter were ever found. The original habits of them at lakes were the Paiute and Shoshons Native Americans, nomadic people that moved in and out of mammoth following food and tradable materials. The first non-native settlers abandoned the area within the first few years after failed attempts to mine the region, it wasn’t until the late 1920s that people started coming to mammoth again.

The car made the difference, as roads got better cars could come here and then it became a more and more popular summer resort. Mammoth was and still is a destination for summer activities such as hiking, fishing, and riding horses. so why do people think of skiing when they think of Mammoth? two things roads became paved roads, really good roads by the 50s and became more accessible and the ski area came along. Today mammoth gets roughly the same amount of summer and winter visitors every year and one thing you can marvel at any time of year is the geological wonders of the area. Located at the summit of Mammoth mountain 11050 three feet in elevation is the newly-opened interpretive center, a place where you can learn everything you want to know about the region and maybe some things you’d rather not hear. Mammoth actually in an extremely alive region right next to the Indian Moana volcanic chain. Even volcanoes can’t keep people away from mammoth, it’s a favorite getaway for many South Landers who love the scenic drive or prefer to fly into mammoth Airport. With the full-time population of about 70,100, modern mammoth lakes can hardly be called to big city. Although, that doesn’t stop it from being a booming resort community with dining, lodging, shopping, and recreation set to rival Aspen and Vail as well as the potential location for its own festival. One of the most appealing things about mammoths is how it’s kept its charm that’s attracted people for years while also expanding into one of the west coast’s biggest destination spots, this could be one of the reasons mammoth real estate is in such high demand. In fact, 60% of homes and mammoths are second homes and full-time ownership is not for you and it has a variety of rental properties available.

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