The Top YouTube Video for California Life HD and Still Trending

Top YouTube Video Ava Talent Show

Ava Thuresson and Mirabella Pertruzzi won 1st place in their local talent show singing the hit song “Better in Stereo” a cappella. The duo recorded this video in 2012 and it was uploaded to the California Life HD Youtube channel and skyrocketed in views, reaching 750k views, making it CLHD’s highest viewed YouTube video.

Since then, the young ladies have also recorded another hit together, this time a Holiday favorite, “Santa Tell Me” which also became a CLHD Youtube favorite at 27k views!

Ava Thuresson continues to be seen in the limelight – she has recently been one of Miabella Couture’s most featured models.

What’s next for Ava, maybe the big screen?