The Truth Behind A Successful Franchise


A modern view on the franchising industry, including whether franchisees are worth it and what considerations to undertake.

President of Services Team of Professional, “Stop”, Brian Clark gives us an insight on ‘Stop’ and franchises. ‘Stop’ is located in San Francisco, California and shares that working in the restoration industry is really satisfying because they truly get to enter their customers lives on the worst day of their life and it then becomes their job and mission to turn the experience around and make the customer feel fortunate that they picked up the phone and called ‘Stop’.

What makes ‘Stop’ such a unique franchise is that they present this opportunity to people so differently than other brands. Working with the Service Team of Professionals provides a great resource for business consulting and management to help navigate the best strategies for customer service, business development and overall management of the business.

‘Stop’ is very interested in the proper fit, they will not sell out for their own benefit and they remain honest about the challenges of this industry that they are in and are able to find better franchisees that actually fit. Successful businesses become successful through service and through the customer experience, so being a good businessperson that looks at running their numbers, being profitable, and watching their expenses is the way to success. One piece of advice Brain would give people who have never been in business is to simplify, and be honest. He says, “it kind of goes hand in hand, and number two, give and do things right.”