The World’s Largest Chevron is On the Way to Las Vegas!


For those traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas there’s a new stop along the way with 96 fuel pumps and 60 restrooms! Jason Rzucidlo takes us to The world’s largest Chevron gas station and Terrible Hurst convenience store for a tour.

The Chevron station is located right along busy interstate 15, the main freeway between Las Vegas and Southern California. An estimated 50,000 people travel up and down this route each day, so building this new gas station and convenience store made perfect sense. Not only are there 96 fuel pumps, they also have solar power chargers for electric vehicles. When gassing up at the Chevron you’ll want to park your car and walk inside the Terribles Roadhouse convenience store, it feels like a travel destination.

As a matter of fact Jason spent about 45 minutes checking out all of the cool stuff inside the convenience store which includes all of the staples you’ve come to expect; including cold soft drinks, sandwiches, hot dogs, chips, and other sweet treats. However there’s also sixty restrooms, so that busy travelers won’t have to wait when nature calls.

Other highlights on the inside include full-sized airplanes hanging from the ceiling, a full-size NASCAR race car and a 13 foot Sasquatch. It makes for a great selfie opportunity. A full-sized White Castle restaurant will soon open inside the Terrible Hearst. It has plenty of seating to enjoy your meal and it will also feature a drive-through.

There is a miniature Advance Autoparts located inside, they’re selling things like motor oil, windshield wiper fluid, and even antifreeze. Not to mention there’s a special exhibit on John Force Racing, and in addition there’s  a Red Bull lounge with lockers with free cell phone charging, a beer cave with craft brews from Nevada and much more.

For those looking for souvenirs to take back home the Terrible’s Roadhouse has you covered. There’s hundreds if not thousands of Las Vegas souvenirs, such as hats, t-shirts, coffee mugs, bracelets, cellphone chargers, license plates, kitchen utensils, and much more. It’s pretty simple to get here, if you’re coming from Southern California take interstate 15 north to the sign for Gene Nevada, then make a left turn. However if you’re coming from Las Vegas, take interstate 15 South to Gene Nevada and then make a right turn.

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