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This week on California Life, go behind the scenes of the brand new stage adaptation of “Beauty And The BeastAudra Stafford goes backstage with the cast and crew to show you the creative team’s fresh take on a truly iconic ‘tale as old as time’.

Then, nothing says SPRING like a fresh new wardrobe. But with so many choices, how do you know what’s hot and what’s not? We looked at U.S sales data to uncover the best, biggest and most popular trends of the season. Check out why transparent clothing, bright colors and micro purses are big news this year.

Then, Heather Dawson takes you behind the scenes of a decade of style at this year’s Fashion Week San Diego Annual Runway Shows.

Plus, approximately 10,000 people died from Melanoma last year, and there seems to be a common thread for those most susceptible to the deadly skin cancer. Learn more with California Life’s David Wylie.

In honor of National Nutrition Month, see how Coconut is an essential staple in every home, learn why Barley can have an impressive health benefit and discover a new Dairy Free creamer that is heart healthy! Get the latest information from nutrition expert, Tara Collingwood.

Then, get this — One in seven people have ended a relationship over money. Learn how to avoid this mistake.

Plus, many of us remember when ABC news reporter Bob Woodruff was seriously injured while covering our military in a war zone. While Bob has managed an incredible recovery, he and his wife Lee are using their experiences to bring attention to the plight of our injured military veterans.

PLUS, the true story of how Fake News became a real college class at the University of Michigan.

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California Life HD Episode 439

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