Top 5 Haunted Spots in California


We have the complete list of places to visit for a spooky time in California.

Petaluma – Whether you believe in ghosts or not, science may be closer to proving the physical existence of the human soul.

The Insitute of Noetic Sciences has found that the weight of the human soul leaving the body upon death registers at less than a gram.

Anaheim – While many people don’t know that the happiest place on Earth is also rumored to be the most haunted, you might see a ghostly spirit on Space Mountain, in a shop on Main Street, and Tom Sawyer’s Island.

San Francisco – Golden Gate Park is allegedly home to the Lady of Stow Lake, a ghost that has reportedly been caught on camera.

San Fran is also home to haunted hotspots the Queen Anne Hotel and Alcatraz Island.

San Jose – No discussion of haunted houses is complete without mentioning the Winchester Mystery House.

The sprawling mansion is filled with spirits and made up of more than 160 rooms, many of them built in an effort to protect the homeowner from the ghosts living there.

Bakersfield – One of the city’s most enduring legends is of the ghost that haunts the town, Central Park. The spirit of a woman with a flowing robe has been seen walking along the park’s canal at dawn.