USL Soccer Team Stays Loyal to San Diego


When they first started this process the USL Soccer Team wanted to ask the people of San Diego what they wanted and the word they kept hearing was loyal, loyal, loyal.

This is our home and as you will see in the name, the colors, the crest, this is a team that will be here forever. It is San Diego it can not leave San Diego and you will see it in everything the team has done. They have listened to San Diego from day one and realize this will always be about San Diego

The beautiful crest was designed by the marketing firm Red Door Interactive and shows several aspects unique to San Diego. Such as, Spanish mission architecture and the Coronado Bridge. It displaces colors of orange for sunsets, and green and blue for ocean waves. The “y” in Loyal forms the base of a poppy, California’s state flower, and the bottom features an anchor.

Take a moment to find out who they are, learn about the USL Soccer team located right here in San Diego. Bringing you the best of California Life.