We Want You to Submit the Next Big Idea in Cancer Care!


Reality star and father, Bill Rancic, knows what it’s like to have a loved one with cancer. His wife, Entertainment Reporter Giuliana Rancic, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. Bill Rancic has teamed up with an organization that’s looking for the next big idea in cancer innovations and submissions are now open for the C3 awards until July 15th.

The mission is to find new ways to improve the experience of cancer care. People who have dealt with cancer know that the challenges go beyond just the treatment itself.

Bill Rancic says he struggled with the stress and anxiety of waiting for test results. But others in underdeveloped countries struggle with access to basic information. And some may even just need access to reliable transportation.

All these challenges, when it comes to cancer care, is why the C3 (Changing Cancer Care) awards were created.

Bill Rancic and Astellas Oncology are asking you or someone you know to submit the next big idea when it comes to cancer care. They are looking for non-treatment options.

This year, the C3 Prize is focusing on three categories:

  1. The day-to-day obstacles caregivers and patients face
  2. Unequal access to cancer care
  3. Survivorship challenges.

The award will be the C3 prize, and there is a total of $200,000 in prizes to be given away. They’re looking for great ideas, simple or complex, that can help to address these three categories and ultimately improve cancer care.

Anyone can apply www.C3Prize.com until July 15th!