William Uschold — From a Fired Casket Salesman to An Award-Winning Filmmaker


The global movie industry has witnessed a series of evolution over the years with stakeholders in different parts of the world, contributing their quota to ensure that fans get the best possible experience. One individual that has made a mark in the industry in recent times is the passionate filmmaker and talented screenwriter, William Uschold. 

William Uschold is a scriptwriter, filmmaker, and co-founder of The Oakland Film Company. William Uschold’s rise to prominence is particularly phenomenal, from a young street kid to an award-winning filmmaker, with multiple awards from different categories. William Uschold aims to use his talent as a tool to trigger positive changes in his community, focusing on stories about or affiliated with the City of Oakland. 

Uschold teamed up with Tyrone Dangerfield to launch The Oakland Film Company, in line with his goal of creating a platform to showcase stories about issues that plagued his community. This led to the eventual release of “The Broken Rose,” which follows a young girl and how she tried to escape an abusive situation in foster care. 

“It was not an easy task making a feature film out of nothing,” says Uschold, but every time I gave up, something in my heart told me to get up and keep pushing. The Broken Rose is slated to become an Oakland classic that will bring out the emotion from everyone who watches it. 

The movie, which is currently available on Amazon and Urbanflix, has continued to receive several accolades from different quarters. “The Broken Rose” won awards in the Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actor, winning awards pretty much in all categories. 

William’s case is a typical grass to grace story of a young street kid from the hard streets of Oakland. The award-winning filmmaker did not have the easiest of beginnings, with his amazing story including working in the death industry to being fired and having a dream out of nowhere about making a film. William’s dream did not only come true but he lived it most remarkably, becoming an award-winning filmmaker with 12 awards on one project. 

William Uschold’s exploits in entertainment started in the music industry. The visionary screenwriter wrote music video treatments and produced several recording artists in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Andi Roxx, Johnny Fresh, Mistah Fab. The Oakland Film Company is also looking to work with other production companies to create deep and important classic films that will change the world, with stories about human trafficking and other important life issues. 

For more information about William Uschold and the projects from The Oakland Film Company, you can click here. William Uschold is also available on Instagram @william_uschold, where he shares his stories to inspire millions of people across the globe.