Working From Home Is Tough: Discover How It’s Possible To Work At Peak Performance From Home


Working from home is hard – so why not make it a little easier? Stress is not in your head, it’s in your body; this is the key to peak performance that Leah Lagos, Psy.D., wants everyone to know. A licensed New York psychologist specializing in biofeedback, sport psychology and psychotherapy for optimal health and performance, she has a scientifically proven program that alters the body’s physical baseline response to stress and helps people work and live at peak performance.  

Dr. Lagos’ clients include some of the world’s top names in business and sports – including Olympians, professional athletes, CEOs, and international hedge fund managers and teams. Now, Dr. Lagos has written a new book, Heart Breath Mind: Train Your Heart to Conquer Stress and Achieve Success, that’s filled with her secrets and she is ready to share them with your audience!    

When stress hits, our bodies all react the same way regardless if we’re multi-tasking parents or company executives; our heart rate increases, we breathe faster, and we feel a burst of energy from the release of stress hormones. While there are hundreds of cognitive and behavioral approaches to battling stress, they mostly focus on controlling thoughts and behaviors, not the body.

Dr. Lagos can speak to: 

  1. How specific breathing exercises can help readers calm their heart rate, think through problems more clearly, and come to quicker solutions.
  2. Actionable things readers can do to thrive under pressure and recover quickly after setbacks or difficult meetings. 
  3. Why it is important to replace negative emotions such as anger, guilt and anxiety with healthier responses such as compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.  
  4. How readers can maximize their potential in every aspect of life including health, relationships, cognitive control, and more.