10 Ways Dermatologists Use This Pro-Approved Serum


Let’s face it, skin is everything. And when you’re not happy with it—for whatever reason (age, sensitivity, redness, acne, large pores, dryness, crepiness)—you’d try just about every product under the sun to find a solution.The search is over, and it’s simpler than you might think. Science and medical experts say there is a solution that offers real, honest-to-skin potential to unlock the fountain of youth: DefenAge 8-in-1 BioSerum.

Designed to activate, orchestrate and energize, this biologically-advanced concentrate is infused with Age-Repair Defensins. Defensins—a patent-pending molecules only found in DefenAge products—stimulate the body’s own stem cells to grow more efficiently and to create new, healthier skin, which improves overall texture and quality.

“With DefenAge, you are getting a very specific portion of the anti-aging process turned on,” says dermatologist Amy Forman Taub, MD. “Specific stem cells, located in the hair follicle… are turned on by defensins and create new epidermal cells.”But don’t just take our word for it. Here are 10 specific ways leading dermatologists recommend using DefenAge 8-in-1 BioSerum:

  1. For daily use. It’s lightweight. “You can’t even feel it when you’re wearing it.” Dermatologist Vivian Bucay, MD
  2. For sensitive skin. It delivers anti-aging results but it’s “not irritating like a retinol or acids.” Dermatologist Anne Chapas, MD
  3. For older age. Even old skin has young dormant cells that can be turned on by defensins. “We saw a marked difference at 2 months” in a 73-year-old patient. Dermatologist Angela Bowers, MD
  4. For better skin quality, including firmer skin, fewer fine lines, more luminosity and clarity, and a reduced appearance of pores. Dermatologist Anne Chapas, MD
  5. After microneedling, patients are “less likely to break out with acne post treatment.” Dermatologist Vivian Bucay, MD
  6. “4 to 6 weeks before having filler procedures” to prep the skin and enhance results. Dermatologist Kathleen Welsh, MD
  7. Before and after ablative skin treatments, which “primes skin to respond more quickly and robustly, healing faster.” Dermatologist Steven Swengel, MD
  8. To target specific areas, including around the eyes and lips. Dermatologist Angela Bowers, MD
  9. Beyond the face: on the neck and décolletéDermatologist Steven Swengel, MD
  10. For crepey thin skin on the neck and armsDermatologist Kathleen Welsh, MD

(So. Many. Possibilities!)

DefenAge 8-in-1 BioSerum

This is an advanced targeted cosmetic therapy with an established scientific mechanism of action. It corrects global aging and imperfections in just 6 weeks – including dramatic minimization of pores and wrinkles, firmness, tone, lines, texture, clarity and more, and improves skin’s evenness, brightness and hydration