Episode 27 of Coast to Coast: Checking out the Galleri Classic & Summer Travel Inspiration with Dalia Colón!


Coast to Coast with Heather Dawson is taking viewers from the desert to the beach in this exciting jam-packed episode! Tune in as we explore the Galleri Classic, gather summer vacation inspiration, take a look at some delicious cuisine, and more.


Summer is just around the corner, so make sure to catch the newest episode of Coast to Coast with Heather Dawson for fantastic summer food recipes and travel inspiration!

In this episode, we venture to the beautiful Mission Hills Country Club and check out the Galleri Classic! Golf fans will not want to miss it as we hear from former PGA Tour Champions and explore some of the important charitable initiatives taking place!

In honor of National Brunch Month, we then chat with award-winning chef Palak Patel all about her favorite brunch recipes and her upcoming novel, Food is Love!

When Giada Valenti isn’t singing, she can be found pursuing her other passion: the art of cooking healthy and delicious foods. Tune in as she takes Coast to Coast to Memphis to try out some of the delicious cuisine by Chef Alex Grisanti!

With summer approaching, you may be looking for the perfect place to kick back and get away from it all. After all, what better way to enjoy your summer than by taking a vacation? Tune in as Coast to Coast chats with Travel Expert and Journalist Dalia Colón all about why you should visit Florida this summer!

Next, we hear from Child Psychologist and Co-Author of Raising Mentally Strong Kids, Dr. Charles Fay, about practical parenting skills and how to help your child’s mental health. In a time when stress levels for children are growing higher and higher, parents won’t want to miss these tips!

Last but certainly not least, we check out a special edition of the Angel Babies Podcast featuring Ava Lynn Thuresson and special guest Author Noelle Crooks! Come along as we hear about Crook’s new novel, Under the Influence, and the inspiration behind it.

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