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Remembering Carol Channing – Betty Buckley Pays Tribute in Hello Dolly


Airing: Episode 479, Week of Saturday January 26, 2019
It’s said to be the greatest production of HelloDolly ever seen. Right before the Tony Awards Betty Buckley was so deeply moved to receive a call from her agent who said that Scott Rudin and Jerry Zacks wanted her to take the national tour of Hello Dolly on the road.
Betty was in shock, but also very moved and was incredibly honored to have the privilege to carry the show across America.

In a time period where I think America needs a dose of joy that this show brings

It’s been really fun bringing this beautiful show to people across the country. Betty says it’s not the easiest thing because they’re often traveling on the days off, but the best is when she and her wonderful co-star Lewis Stadlen every night when the curtain goes down, just look at each other in satisfaction “oh my god,” it’s really worth.
The audience in every city toured, is filled with such joy, on their feet at the end acknowledging the remarkable ability of the great ensemble. The dancers are out of this world, the costumes and set are sumptuously beautiful.
It’s called “Dolly For the Ages.” It is the reason they’re all here now. Carol Channing brought such wit and such humor and such joy,

She said she created the role of Dolly Gallagher Levi for all of us to then follow.

Betty is thankful for director Jerry Zacks, creating the space for her to be the actress that she is in the role. She felt like in comedy school for the couple of months of rehearsal, that it was a delight to be able to learn new skills about this level of farcical comedy at this point in her life.
She’s 71 and it’s amazing to reclaim herself in Broadway. She’s in great shape to do eight shows a week. She says it’s been a wonderful gift.
The reason for doing the show has been to honor Carol Channing and to get to collaborate with these amazing artists.
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