A Tour of Woodshed Recording, Where Many Big Names in Music Have Worked


Woodshed recording, you really have to see it to believe. This place is considered unique in the world of recording studios. There’s a wall system where if you remove one of the walls the place becomes soundproof. Plus, all of their gear is on wheels, including the speakers and the piano. Everything can go anywhere you want it to go to get your perfect sound. Changing the instruments around will change the acoustic environment, the recording environment, the practicing environment, and create different rooms to work in. 

The beautiful view of the ocean is no sight you want to miss. Woodshed sits on top of a hill looking out onto everything below, all the beauty to compliment this exquisite place. 

Unfortunately in 2018 a fire spread through 96,949 acres of land. The fire itself destroyed 1,643 structures. That day, by some miracle, Woodshed Recording was spared. According to Richard Gibbs, the owner of the studio, there are two primary reasons the studio is still standing. Reason one being the landscaping. The outside is all regenerative agriculture and permaculture. He says you have to get your soil healthy. Another thing is that a recording studio is soundproof which makes it airtight, so none of the embers from the fire could get in, meaning the fire went over and around the studio.

One of the best spots in the studio is sitting at the piano. Everyone who has worked at the studio signs the piano, this includes big names such as Tom Petty, Barbara Streisand, Chris Martin and all the other members of Coldplay, Pink, Lady Gaga, Cher, and hundreds more. 

Feel free to check out Woodshed Recording and all of the beauty that surrounds it in Malibu.