Mexican Director Alfonso Cuarón Wins Big at the Oscars


We had the chance to catch up with Mexican Director Alfonso Cuarón at the Palm Spring International Film Festival as his feature film ROMA had started to leave a huge impression all over the world. Cuarón gives us insight on his process of producing the film in a black & white digital format. He has been overwhelmed with the way the film has been embraced by audiences all around the world.

Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón has made a monumental impact with his latest film ROMA. His biggest wins coming in at last night’s Oscars for:

• Best Director
• Foreign Language Film
• Best Cinematography
• Best Picture
• Nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

Cuarón’s win for Foreign Lanugage Film brought Mexico its first Oscar. Alfonso Cuarón received his second Oscar of the night presented by Mexican Filmaker Guillermo Del Toro.