American Dance Movement Releases Official 2021 National Dance Day Routine


American Dance Movement (ADM), formerly the Dizzy Feet Foundation, has unveiled the official National Dance Day 2021 routine! It’s choreographed by Brian and Scott Nicholson, choreographers and creative directors for pop superstar Ariana Grande; and set to Grande’s hit song, “Break Free.” National Dance Day will be celebrated with a variety of in-person and virtual events on Saturday, Sept. 18.

Twin brothers and frequent collaborators with Grande, the Nicholsons are accomplished dancers, singers and artists who have toured the world as dancers and choreographers for Grande and are known for their credits dancing with Janet Jackson, Kelly Rowland, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. The duo has been serving as creative directors for Grande and have been prominent as supervising choreographers for the star since her international tour in 2015, “The Honeymoon Tour.”

This year’s instructional video includes a step-by-step tutorial of the National Dance Day routine. In the video, Brian teaches National Dance Day participants the various steps to the routine alongside other well-known dancers, including Kris Terry, Joesar Alva, Paula Ayotte, Auti Angel and The Rollettes founder Chelsie Hill.  The tutorial provides translated options of the choreography in an effort to include participants of all abilities and skill levels.

Since 2010, ADM has created an instructional dance video of the National Dance Day routine that invites participants to learn original choreography and put their own spin on it. The routine brings together dancers and dance enthusiasts around the globe to come celebrate National Dance Day as a form of valuable exercise and of artistic expression.

Anyone may participate in National Dance Day by recording a video of themselves doing the choreographed routine and sharing on social media tagging and mentioning ADM on Instagram and Facebook at @AmericanDanceMovement. This year’s routine is available on the organization’s YouTube channel and website at

ADM has been encouraging communities to get moving through dance for more than a decade by funding dance education in underserved communities, as well as educating the public on the many benefits of dance, such as improved cardiovascular health, self-confidence, self-expression, social skills and more.

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