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 AREA15, located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, is the world’s first purpose-built experiential entertainment district offering live events, immersive activations, monumental art installations, extraordinary design elements, unique retail, groundbreaking technology, bars and eateries, and much more. With a growing collection of dynamic destinations including Dueling Axes, Emporium Arcade Bar, Lost Spirits Distillery, Oddwood Bar, “Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite”, Museum Fiasco, Rocket Fizz, Five Iron Golf, The Beast by Todd English OZ Experience, and anchor experience, Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart AREA15 is an ever-changing art, retail, and entertainment attracting locals and tourists of all ages.

AREA15 represents a collaborative venture between real estate development firm Fisher Brothers and creative agency Beneville Studios, both of New York.

TIMELINE: Open Now Experiences and Art

A Lot
-Offering sweeping views of the Las Vegas Strip, A Lot is a customizable outdoor space suitable for events, parties or any other experience AREA15 has yet to imagine. A massive outdoor playground surrounded by large-scale interactive artworks with a desert festival vibe.
Art Island
–The first-ever permanent gallery for the exhibition of large-scale, commercially available, festival-inspired artwork. A full list of the art on view may be found here. 
–A virtual reality experience that mimics every aspect of the avian experience: from the wind beneath your wings to a bird’s eye view of some of the richest landscapes in the digital world. Guests take a spin through the skies of New York or explore prehistoric worlds.
–One of many ticketed activations inside of AREA15, guests are invited to move and engage to light up Brainstorm’s reaction centers, which reads your unique expressions and transmits nearly infinite response patterns,
never delivering the same experience twice.

Dueling Axes
–The nation’s premier indoor ax-throwing lounge satisfies guests’ drive for new experiences, providing an exhilarating activity for groups of all sizes. The attraction features a beer and wine bar, flat-screen TVs flanking the perimeter of the lounge, a private VIP room, and 18 private or group reserved lane accommodations all set just minutes away from The Strip. 
Five Iron Golf
–Five Iron Golf is an urban indoor golf experience that combines a unique mixture of golf, design, and entertainment with a community-focused vision of making the game more inclusive and accessible. Featuring industry-leading golf simulators, teaching professionals, a
full bar, and event space, you can reserve a simulator, compete in tournaments and leagues, host events, and book private or group golf lessons. 

Flux Capacitor (Henry Chang Design)
–Located outside onthe A Lot, Flux Capacitor is a kinetic art car by Las Vegas artist Henry Chang.
Gallerie 360
–A fully immersive audio and visual experience featuring world-renowned digital artists inside The PORTAL, AREA15’s 360 degree, 3D projection-mapped room, which doubles as a unique event space.
Haley’s Comet
–Hang gliding meets free falling on the first indoor, electric dual-track suspension ride in the United States. Taking thrill-seekers for an exhilarating, bird’s eye view of the unique art in The SPINE, this glider
ride positions two riders against one another in a race to the finish, reaching eight miles per hour.
Lost Spirits Distillery
–Opening summer 2021: Described by Smithsonian Magazine as “a high-end Willy Wonka experience for adults and a Disneyland for drinkers”, LostSpirits are one of the world’s top distilleries. It boasts an immersive tour that resembles a surreal amusement park. The distillery also houses a tiny restaurant that rivals some of the world’s top dining experiences. Visitors to the new Lost Spirits experience can expect a dreamscape of whisky and rum tastings, boat rides, undersea train rides, and holograms paired with exceptional fine dining and world-class whisky and rum.
Meow Wolf Omega Mart
–The Santa Fe-based arts and entertainment company Meow Wolf will unlock the doors to Omega Mart, a one-of-a-kind supermarket store experience and portal to the otherworldly that will anchor AREA15. With elevated narrative and tech elements, Omega Mart is the work of hundreds of creatives on staff and more than 50 collaborating visual 3
and musical artists from all over the world.
Museum Fiasco
–Museum Fiasco showcases futuristic exhibits, audiovisual experiences, art, and hospitality in a space that fosters a sense of connectivity for visitors. Located on the mezzanine of AREA15, the nearly 5,000 square foot gallery was conceptualized and designed by Corner Bar Management founder, Ryan Doherty. Currently on view are three shows by Playmode Studios titled Cluster Railwave and the newest Stellar which invites voyagers on an intense and captivating cosmic journey through visual sonic sequences zooming through comets, planets, galaxies, crossing nebulae and visiting other worlds, until finally returning safely back to Earth.
OZ Experience
–Situated at the frontier of virtual reality, OZ Experience by BackLight exists where the boundaries between what is virtual and what is real dissolve into an immersive experience has never seen before. OZ Experience offers four distinctive VR adventures: ECLIPSE, a free roam,
Team-based, outer space-themed mission for up to four players suitable for all ages; Birdy King Land, a seated, virtual roller coaster ride with full-body avatars, high fidelity rendering, and 3D effects; Far Reach, an adrenaline-filled space odyssey ride throughout the galaxy, brought to life with advanced graphics and core shaking sound design; and coming soon Skyhigh New York, a thrilling, escape themed experience allowing guests to navigate a 40 story high skyscraper ledge. 
Particle Quest
–An interactive AR experience to the secret backstory lurking just
beneath the surface of AREA15. Guests will be outfitted with a Particle Quest mask to discover a world of surreal nano particles triggered by
the art and architecture all around, 
–A down the rabbit hole space inside AREA15 outfitted with state of the art,360 degree, 3D projection mapped walls. The multiuse room will be
transformed to accommodate viewing events, immersive dining experiences, as well as corporate and private events.
Sanctuary (Elora Hardy of Ibuku Design Studio)
-Madefrom bamboo that’s been carefully selected from the islands
of Bali and Java, Sanctuary offers a tranquil place to gather,rest and reflect. Taking its inspiration from the conical shape of a volcano, this earthy, airy dome is made from all natural materials, acting as a living organism complete with lush 4 plant life. Sanctuary is also available for private event bookings
Shogyo Mujo
(Bart Kresa Studio and Joshua Harker)
–Welcoming guests as they enter the portal into AREA15, Shogyo Mujo is an interactive, 12 foot tall skull covered in 3D projection mapping and synched to music. It ventures into the fourth dimension, that of time, to give each guest a unique different experience based on where, when, and how they view the piece.
–The backbone tying everything together, The SPINE provides an ever-changing corridor filled with one-of-a-kind art installations, engaging brand activations, unique commerce, and inspiring food and beverage offerings.
Valyrian Steel (Henry Chang Design)
–Located in the heart of The SPINE, Valyrian Steel is a kinetic art car that is part Mad Max, part Mars Rover.
Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite
–Designed by BlueMan Group Co Founder Chris Wink, “Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite” takes the fusion of whimsy, color, art, technology and music which he pioneered with Blue Man Group to the next level. Visitors to Wink World will walk through six infinity mirror rooms, each one featuring a stunning production number choreographed to original music, drawing upon Wink’s love of black light and other dynamic stage effects to evoke “life force” and inspire wonder. Described by Wink as “equal parts psychedelic art house and carnival funhouse,” Wink World explores the concept of infinity in entertainingly conceptual and aesthetic ways. 
Eating & Drinking
Emack & Bolios
–Boston based Emack & Bolios makes its west coast debut at AREA15, serving ice cream, yogurt, homemade fudge and chocolate, micro brewed sodas, vegan selections, and more.
–Spanning two floors inside AREA15, the immersive Emporium Arcade Bar + event venue features dozens of games, live music, DJs, a curated craft beer and cocktail bar, amazing local art murals and more. Las Vegas will become its sixth location, joining its venues in Chicago, San Francisco and Oakland, California. 
–Giving inspiration to its name, at the heart of
Oddwood is an ever-changing, nearly 23-foot high Japanese maple tree built by Color + Light. A dramatic 28 feet long by 17 feet wide canopy with more than 5,000 twinkling LED lights will create a romantic, enchanting vibe in the space. Codesigned by Las Vegas entrepreneur Ryan Doherty of Corner Bar Management Group, Oddwood will serve a wide variety of premium beers and cocktails.
Rocket Fizz
–A new twist on an old-fashioned soda pop and candy shop, Rocket Fizz offers a line of saltwater taffy that comes in tempting flavors such as Banana Split, Chocolate Malt, and Strawberry Cheesecake. Swing by this sweet spot that will rock the sweets lover’s world.
The Beast by Todd English
–Even the pickiest eater will find something mouthwatering within the fiery walls of The Beast. Renowned chef, restaurateur and four time James Beard Award winner Todd English presents this curated map of flavors to guests inside the world of AREA15. 
Buy Cool Sh*t!
Wild Muse Boutique
–A unique retail bazaar inside The SPINE, Wild Muse Boutique features one of a kind, handcrafted, sustainable apparel, accessories, art, and eco-friendly health and wellness products from both local and global creators.
*More tenant experiences, yet to be announced, will be unveiled

●“Shogyo Mujo” by Bart Kresa Studio and sculptor, Josh Harker 
●“Valyrian Steel” by Henry Chang Design (local to Las Vegas)
●“Flux Capacitor” by henry Chang Design (local to Las Vegas)
●Infinity Ship No.1 “Perception” by Matt Elson
●“Lost in Las Vegas” by Tomas Toulec
●“Mechan 9” by Tyler FuQua Creations
●“Sanctuary” by Elora Hardy of Ibuku
●“Scoops” by Tomas Toulec
●“Pulse Portal” by Davis McCarty
●“Giant Disco” by Ivan McLean
●“El Scorcho” by Ivan McLean
●“In Every Lifetime I Will Find You” by Michael Benisty
●“Omah” by Alchemy

● A Lot: 32,000 square foot outdoor event space
● The PORTAL: 6,584 square foot indoor event space featuring four walls of projection-mapped screens.
● Sanctuary: 1,900 square feet, 34-foot high bamboo volcano structure by Ibuku.
The Grounds
Four acre (190,000 square feet), outdoor
festival grounds.
3215 South Rancho Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
Fisher Brothers
299 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10171
Beneville Studios
9 East 19th Street #4
New York, New York 10003
MOSER architecture studio –Las Vegas
Capital West Construction & Development

• Announcement event –January 2018
• Groundbreaking–May 2018
• Concrete wall tilt–November 2018
• Topping off–March 2019
• Open for private and corporate events–March 2020
• Open to the public–September 2020
• Anchor tenant Meow Wolf Omega Mart opens– February 2021
● 200,000 total square feet
● Nearly 40,000 square feet of outdoor and indoor event
– 32,000 square feet of outdoor event space
– 6,584square feet of indoor event spaces
-2,000 square foot event space inside Ibuku bamboo volcano
● More than 800 free parking spaces
Facebook: @AREA15LasVegas
YouTube: AREA15
Desiree Webb/Erika Pope
The Vox Agency, 
(702) 569-0616, (702) 249-2977

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