Back to the Dorms: Sober Mom’s Advice for Students & Parents


Mother of eight, Amy Liz Harrison, talks to our very own Elise Thuresson about her journey to sobriety and motherhood. She also talks about how to have healthy conversations regarding alcohol.

Harrison shares three important tips for having a “no-shame” attitude towards alcohol:

  1. Remember that everyone struggles with something at some point.
  2. Be gentle with yourself. The stressors that hold people back have been even more impactful during the pandemic.
  3. Have an accepting attitude. It can be hard to ask for help, and that is one of the most important things that a person needs.

A really important way of approaching the topic of alcohol with kids starts with leading by example. Be honest about yourself with your kids and create a safe space for an open dialogue.

Harrison says that she realizes that during a conversation, her emotions may not matter to what the subject is about, but her they may match up similarly to her teams. This then creates a strong connection.

Being open minded during a time like this and staying curious can allow people to conquer this anxiety without drinking, says Harrison. Be willing to try new things, maybe meditation!

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