Bonhams Auction at the Quail


Airing this week on California Life with Heather Dawson, the Speed Journal covers the Bonhams car auction in Carmel, California and looks at the qualities of a “blue chip” collector car.

1995 McLaren F1

Michael Caimano, a representative from Bonhams auction, shares a special 1995 McLaren F1 being auctioned off by the original owner. So special that people rarely see it in action! According to Caimano, when the McLaren came out it held the record for the fastest naturally aspirated car at 240 mph. What’s more surprising, is that continues to hold that record!

This type of McLaren has never been offered before, so it is difficult to say how much it will be sold for. However, Caimano says they expect it to exceed the previous record of $13,750.

1956 Maserati 300s

Rupert Banner, another representative from Bonhams auction, shares a 1956 Maserati 300s. According to Banner, this Maserati is contemporaneous with Grand Prix racing cars as Maseratis were known for winning world championships. In those days, Maseratis were all about racing. According to Banner, it’s one of the definitive cars of its era! Maseratis did circuit racing, long distance, etc.

Banner says the car actually belonged to Juan Manuel Fangio, an Argentine race driver. Banner says there are professional drivers that will call Fangio the greatest racer.