Burn the Floor is Turning Up the Heat in 2019 Featuring Some of the Best Ballroom and Latin Dancers in the World.


The true rebels of the ballroom “Burn the Floor” are back with a stunning new production. This new show pushes dance boundaries to dizzy heights with champion dancers. Let’s take a look back at where it all started with California Life’s Audra Stafford.

Twenty of the most amazing ballroom dancers from around the world come to perform with “Burn the Floor.” The shows are full of action with energetic dancing, live percussions, and live singers.

Costumes are also a huge part of the show, and keeping track of them all is a big job. Apparently, each dancer has about 10 costume changes per show, and there are 20 dancers, so that is about 200 costumes.

One of the “Burn the Floor” members said, whether you’re a dancer or not a dancer, you’re gonna walk out of the show and want to dance because it’s such a feel good, exciting show.

“Burn the Floor” is currently on their 2019 tour going to South Korea, South Africa, the Sydney Opera House, and will be on the Getaway-Miami, Breakaway-Manhattan, and Epic-Barcelona cruise ships. For ticket information, just go to https://www.burnthefloor.com/on-tour.html.