California Life Goes Bananas at the International Banana Museum


bananaCalifornia is home to all sorts of unique places to visit. Among them, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Hotel Del Coronado and of course, the International Banana Museum.

That’s right. The International Banana Museum.

The one-of-a-kind museum is located near the Salton Sea in Mecca, California, and boasts “the largest collection devoted to any one fruit.” The museum has more than 20,000 banana-themed items, from clothing to staplers and even a banana-shaped record player! Not to mention, bananas made out of just about anything you can imagine!

The International Banana Club Museum was founded in Hesperia back in 1976 by Ken Bannister. In 2010, he sold the collection on e-Bay to Fred Garbutt, and he opened his own Banana Museum in Mecca. It has quickly become a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the area.

California Life visited the International Banana Museum at its former location in Hesperia, and spoke to then-top banana Ken Bannister about the very unusual collection.

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