California Still Among Top Destinations for Snowbirds in 2021


California encompasses pretty much what any snowbird desires: warm winter weather, miles of beaches and stunning natural parks. While snowbirding plans this year are bound to suffer changes, some Americans, be they retirees or remote workers, are still relocating to warmer places this winter.

For the people still planning to migrate this season, the research team at STORAGECafé put together an in-depth analysis* of the best destinations for snowbirds.

Here are some interesting findings from our study:

  • Irvine is the best ranked Californian city for snowbirds, landing on the 16th spot in our national top. A combination of warm weather, a beach length of close to 50 miles and high-scoring city safety is what pushed places like Irvine so high in our ranking. About 20% of the city’s vacant housing stock is dedicated to seasonal use.

  • Property taxes in California are favorable to snowbirds interested in purchasing a second home – the average property tax rate in the state is 0.77%, lower than the national average sitting at 1.08%.

  • Outdoor activities may be the deciding factor for some snowbirds and, with miles of beaches, CA is just the right place for nature enthusiasts. In fact, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and San Diego take the first 3 spots in our ranking for cities by beach length.