Casino Royale pips No Time To Die to be crowned most popular Bond film ever


Casino Royale has pipped record-breaking No Time To Die as the most popular James Bond film of all time, according to new social media analysis.

Daniel Craig’s fifth and final Bond film has been a major box office success in the early stages of its release, but ranks as just the fifth favorite of all time, according to social media sentiment analysis.

Bond Breakdown, a data-led study of all things Bond created by OLBG, has analysed the sentiment behind every film through Twitter analysis, taking into account the average level of negativity/positivity, total number of tweets (over the last two years) and engagement around each film to reveal which film is most popular.

Casino Royale, which signalled a reboot of the franchise under Craig, is revealed as the most popular film in the history of the franchise.

James Bond popularity rankings

  1. Casino Royale
  2. Dr. No
  3. For Your Eyes Only
  4. GoldenEye
  5. No Time To Die
  6. From Russia With Love
  7. Licence to Kill
  8. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  9. Skyfall
  10. Diamonds Are Forever
  11. Goldfinger
  12. A View to a Kill
  13. Live and Let Die
  14. Quantum of Solace
  15. Octopussy
  16. Spectre
  17. Die Another Day
  18. The Man with the Golden Gun
  19. The World is Not Enough
  20. Moonraker
  21. The Living Daylights
  22. The Spy Who Loved Me
  23. Thunderball
  24. Tomorrow Never Dies
  25. You Only Live Twice

As shown by Bond Breakdown’s data, it was the film in which Bond drinks the most units of alcohol, visits the most casinos and is the best travelled across the world, while ‘Bond girl’ Vesper Lynd also ranks as the fourth most popular romance across all films analysed.

Dr. No, the first Bond film, starring Sean Connery is in second place, followed by For Your Eyes Only and GoldenEye before No Time To Die appears in fifth place.

While it has received a fair amount of criticism on social media, Craig’s swansong has generally gone down well with fans, but not well enough to beat Casino Royale to top spot – despite the huge outlay on the film.

You Only Live Twice, Connery’s last Bond before returning after George Lazenby’s one and only appearance, is ranked as the least popular Bond film of all time.

Bond Breakdown details the total number of bad guys killed, guns used, gadgets used, romantic liaisons, units of alcohol vehicles driven and destroyed, ‘shaken not stirred’ and ‘Bond, James Bond’ quotes and more, comparing them to one another to reveal what makes the ultimate Bond movie.

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