Celebrating Loved Ones with Dia de los Muertos


Halloween is followed by “The day of the Dead”. But, that’s where the comparison stops.

California families of Mexican heritage embrace November 1st as a day of celebration.

Jim Ness reports on an ancient tradition that’s becoming more popular.

Dia Los Muertos is not meant to frighten, but to remember and talk about the past lives of those who enriched the living.

Here at Evergreen Cemetery, families gather at the gravesites of loved ones. Music and favorite foods are shared.

Nightime in downtown Riverside brings out colorful shrines and images fitting for this “Day of the Dead”. Cosme Cordova, a local artist, organizes each event.

Vicky Medina has her restaurant appropriately outfitted. Children have put aside their Halloween trick-or-treat bags. Paying homage to death is a spiritual rebirth.

Mexican families reconnecting, as they see it, ‘through the eyes of the soul’.