Celebrating Women’s Health Month with Estrogen Doctor LaReesa Ferdinand


May is Women’s Health Month! It’s a time to celebrate the incredible strength, resilience, and vitality of women everywhere. Let’s shine a spotlight on women’s health and wellness. We sit down with Dr. LaReesa Ferdinand to understand how women can prioritize their health this May. Dr. Ferdinand is a nationally recognized OBGYN and estrogen doctor specializing in this topic.

She recommends supplements to support women’s health concerns, such as probiotics that provide healthy bacteria. This bacteria supports women’s vaginal, digestive, and immune systems so for people who have limited options for staying healthy, supplements are an exceptional option. From boosting your gut health to fortifying your immune defenses, these supplements offer a convenient and cost-effective way to enhance your well-being. So, why not give your body the support it deserves and make probiotics a part of your daily routine?

Incorporating regular exercise into your routine is a powerful strategy to enhance both your physical and emotional well-being. Physical activity strengthens your body, improves cardiovascular health, and releases endorphins. This can elevate your mood and reduce stress. Alongside exercise, a proper skincare and body care regimen is a crucial boost for women’s physical and mental health. Taking the time to care for your skin can lead to a glowing complexion while providing a moment of self-care and relaxation, which is essential for emotional balance. Together, these practices form a holistic approach to health, nurturing the body and mind for overall well-being.

Watch below for the product recommendations to aid women in this health journey!