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In this week’s episode, Dr. Ernest Quansah shares insight into his personal experience with type 2 diabetes and how it can be reversed.

November is World Diabetes Month. In the United States, 30 million people suffer from type two diabetes. Across the globe, 450 million people suffer.

According to lifestyle strategist Ernest Quansah, if this trend continues, 1.8 billion people worldwide will be diabetic by 2040. Dr. Quansah himself suffered from type 2 diabetes and went on a relentless exploratory research study with Western and Eastern doctors to find answers on how to cure this disease. Eventually, he was able to find a formula that cured him.

10% of diabetes diagnoses are type one diabetes. The patient may be reliant on insulin patches and shots. The remaining 90% suffer from type 2 diabetes, in which the patient is insulin resistant.

Dr, Quansah found in his research that pre-diabetes and type two diabetes are easier to be reversed when they are being managed. Using approaches together such as diet, exercise, and supplements can help to reverse the effects of type two diabetes. This is the formula that led to Dr. Quansah’s success story.

Dr. Quansah is the founder for the Center for Diabetes and Obesity Wellness. His website offers solutions for weight gain and diabetics.

His book, Diabetic’s Journey, serves to explain his own experience with type two diabetes, the research that went into it, and present evidence on how type two diabetes can be reversed.

The program that cured Quansah is now available to the public. Learn more about the diabetes program at and

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