CES 2018: The Best Gadgets From The World’s Biggest Tech Show


There were over 20,000 new, high-tech gadgets that were introduced at this year’s Consumer Electric Show (CES). So we talked with Tech Expert Katie Linendoll who was among the first to check them all out.

It’s no surprise that TV’s are always a hit at the show and one that caught Katie’s eye this year was LG’s signature OLED TV W8.

“What is unique about this is LG’s lineup of 2018 AI, Artificial Intelligence, TVs and it delivers great picture quality and is super-connected, what you would expect from a television here at CES. Basically behind the scenes, a webOS smart TV platform with integrated Google Assistant and deep learning technology is gonna allow you AI capability and functionality to use and control your TV all with your voice,” Katie explained.

And for those who suffer from motion sickness yet want help keeping up with life, Katie recommends the ReliefBand 2.0. The drug free device uses programmed pulses with highly specific waveforms to normalize nerve messages from the brain to the stomach.

And if you want to relieve yourself from the heat without raising your energy bills, Katie suggests the new ductless air conditioner from Carrier called the 42 SEER.

Plus, you can use Raven to keep your car more connected while staying safe in your car and the new Trekz Air Headphones from AfterShokz to enjoy your favorite music with your eyes on the road.

To learn more about these products, go to BestOfCES.com and don’t forget to watch the full segment below airing across the globe on California Life with Heather Dawson.