Discover the Inspiring Story behind the Voilà Les Héroïnes scarves.


California Life got the chance to visit Fred Segal on Sunset Blvd for the launch party of Voilà Les Héroïnes (VLH) beautiful silk scarves. 

Voilà Les Héroïnes (VLH) is a silk scarf social fashion brand. The scarves are 100% silk made in Lake Como, Italy. It’s a human and fashion brand. There’s design involved, but the scarves are also meant to empower and make people feel strong and proud. 

Dani Hoppenheim, the creator and inspiration behind the scarves, shared her story with us. The brand started about three years ago when Dani was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Part of her head was shaved, and she said she felt insecure. Her grandmother dropped off a box of luxurious silk scarves for Dani to wear on her head to make her feel comfortable when she went back to school. 

Dani and her dad thought it would be a cool idea to create their own scarves. Now, three years later, Voilà Les Héroïnes is up and running with two beautiful scarf designs.

Check out the gorgeous scarves at and learn more about the story and meaning behind them here.