New Movies To Watch From Home While Quarantined


The theaters are all closed and our lives are based from home which makes this a perfect time to fire up some new movies from the couch! This week, Alesia Stanford reported to us from her back yard on the newest releases on streaming services and DVD.

Cats: Although the Andrew Lloyd Weber adaptation may not have seen much success in movie theaters, it can find a new and appreciative audience amongst at-home viewers via BlueRay and Streaming.

Doolittle: In this latest at-home release, Robert Downey Jr. stars as the eccentric veterinarian who has yet to meet an an animal he can’t converse with.

The Gentlemen: Mathew McConaughey stars as a drug lord who’s looking to sell his business and retire in The Gentlemen. Let’s just say that it’s a dirty business and not all “gentleman’s agreements” are honored.

Underwater: Don’t like being trapped at home? How do you feel about being trapped underwater? Kristen Stewart stars in this undersea adventure that’s combination disaster movie and fright flick.

Just Mercy: Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan star in the Hollywood portrayal of a true-life legal fight to get an unjust man off death row.

Little Women: The Oscar-Nominated movie is led by Saoirse Ronan and Emma Watson as fierce females work to make their way in this world under their own terms.

Stay safe and healthy, and make sure to keep your clicking thumb in good shape.