Extreme Weight Loss tips on how to stay fit & beautiful


A young woman from Rancho Cucamonga had a chance of a lifetime when she appeared on a reality television show commonly known as Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Addition.

The shows main goal is to transform obese people and help them get down to a healthy weight.

But as California Life’s David Wylie reports, once the show ended, the battle to stay healthy didn’t get any easier.

A young girl named Ashley Johnson had always struggled with her weight – by the time she was 19, she weighed over 300 pounds.

So when she applied and got accepted to take part in Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Addition, she jumped at the chance of a lifetime.

Over the span of a year, Ashley worked with experts from the show and local trainers at Perfection Fitness as she went from 323 pounds to 167 pounds – losing a total of 158 pounds.

But despite her huge success on Extreme Makeover, reality soon set in and she found it difficult to keep the weight off after the duration of the show.

However, Ashley’s newly found love for healthy living motivated her to find realistic ways to stay fit and beautiful. To here more about her story and tips on how to keep the weight off, watch the full segment below.