Falling for Greatness: “Fall Guy” Shatters Records with Astonishing Stunt Tribute


The upcoming movie “Fall Guy,” directed by David Leitch, is not just another action-packed film; it’s a tribute to the art and heart of stunt performers. This movie has achieved an incredible feat by setting a new world record for the most cannon rolls in a car.

David Leitch describes the movie as a reflection of his extensive experience as a stunt performer. “There really is a practical element to every stunt we do in the movie,” Leitch explains. “We’re making a movie that’s an homage to stunt performers, why don’t we show that we’re doing the best and biggest versions of those and maybe we can break some records?” This vision to honor traditional stunt work with authenticity and grandeur set the stage for an extraordinary accomplishment.

Emily Blunt, one of the film’s lead actresses, praised Leitch’s dedication to traditional stunt work. “For David to have made this love letter to the traditional way of doing stunts was just beautiful,” she remarked. This commitment to practical effects and real stunts, rather than relying heavily on CGI, has added a unique and genuine feel to the movie, resonating deeply with both the cast and the audience.

The highlight of this homage is the record-breaking cannon roll stunt. Ryan Gosling recalls, “The day that we shot the cannon roll was definitely the most emotional day I’ve ever had on a set.” Logan Holladay, who performed the stunt, now holds the Guinness World Record for the most cannon rolls in a car. Achieving this required meticulous planning and perfect execution, surpassing the previous record of seven rolls with eight and a half. This feat underscores the skill and bravery of stunt performers.

“Fall Guy” is more than an action movie; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the unsung heroes of film. Through practical stunts and authentic execution, David Leitch and his team have created a spectacular homage to stunt performers, capped by a record-breaking cannon roll.